Pest Control Company Dayton OH
From Left to Right

Blu isn’t just another company…It’s a family, and I’d like you to meet ours.

{Elaei (pronounced “L-A”), Erin (aka Momma Bear), Brayden (yes…”the boy”) Me (aka Papa Bear), Sevonei (pronounced “Sev-on-e”), Telanei (pronounced Tell-ay-knee) and finally Brynn (pronounced they way you’d expect)}

Pest Control Company Dayton OH


Ah, the boring stuff…well, I’ve spent almost a decade in the pest control industry and beyond my required state licensing I have been a member of many trade organizations such as FPMO (past Vice President), OPMA, NPMA, and The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force just to name a few. However, while I have learned a lot from my various mentors and peers, I feel like the work and experience I received during my tenure as President of an established Columbus, Ohio based pest control operation has prepared and qualified me to solve any of your pest control needs. Ya, don’t let the term “President” fool you. I am very much a lead by example person, and could be found in a work truck as much as in the office. I enjoy all aspect of pest management, and there isn’t a client I cannot service. From a homeowner, to a landlord, to medical establishments, restaurants, new construction and industrial applications, I’ve worked with them all, and worked “in” them all. I come from a “blue collar” background so I’m not afraid to get dirty (yet another reason for the name BLU) but have spent enough time in board rooms and universities to understand how crucial cutting edge technology can be in all industries, yes even pest control.


Ok, if my fancy resume didn’t do it for you, maybe you want to get to know “Troy the person”?Anybody that gets to know me will know 2 things. My family is everything to me, and I “dabble” in music. Ok, maybe I more than dabble…I spent 4 years as a signed singer/songwriter in a band traveling the world. Ya,ya,ya…I bet you’re so impressed right now. Anyway, I got to “live the dream” and I’d be happy to tell you more about it…give me a call or text, and we can discuss while I’m there servicing your account (see what I did there). I also like humor…dad jokes in particular. 🙂


Oh “BLU”, I’m glad you asked…It’s a running joke in the family and boils down to a nickname. It is also the color of the first truck I purchased for the business and is a reminder of where I came from…a good ol’ fashion “blue collar background”.  I don’t spell it with an “E” because, well I like to be different. It also stands for the principles this company was founded on. Better. Listening + Understanding.


Just ask.