Better. Listening + Understanding

In today’s fast paced world I couldn’t help but notice how often it seems that people have just stopped “listening”.  It feels like we are living in an age of hurry up “know it alls” who rubber stamp every encounter with lack of compassion, which leads to bad communication and misinformation that ultimately leads to a bad experience and failure.

This mentality has been a glaring issue in my small corner of the pest control world. Be it a pushy call center or “zero compassion” tech who has let you know they have seen and heard it all and are more interested in selling an add-on service than listening to you tell them about their particular problem, and the reason you are there to begin with.

I’ve worked in this industry for almost a decade and have seen first hand the toll insects can take on a person. From firsthand experience as the father of 4 daughters and a arachnophobic wife, to a panicked resident telling me about the “blood sucking monster” living under their bed…I get it. Pest can cause emotional trauma and the most important thing I can do, is to take time and listen to what you have seen, heard and are going through. Only then can I come up with the best plan, and ultimately help you understand what I am going to do to solve your problem.

As pest control operators we all have access to the same tools, same chemicals, and same study material… the difference really just comes down to the people. You and me. Together we can have success and it all starts with Better, Listening + Understanding.

-Troy Brown